``Revolutionise your way of training !´´


Are you you are a recreational runner who wants to improve your skills and your results. The General Pnoe test gives you one comprehensive and general view of your body!
– Ventilation analysis (and related issues)
– Fuel analysis (relationship between carbohydrates and fats)
– Determination of training zones
– Training plan analysis and identification of weak points 

The specific Pnoe programme is our specific offer for runners of specific disciplines or with specific goals.
Through specific testing protocols, we can measure and deepen the important processes of your body:

– metabolic efficiency (how much and how well your body burns fats – time to failure)

– low- and high intensity processes of your body (according to your goals)

– detailed ventilation parameters and blood sugar monitoring

Based on the results of your test, we can create a new, completely different training plan:
– Pinpointing your zones of intensity (they tell us whether you are really training in the zones your body needs most)
– Setting the rest both during the weeks and months and between intervals
– Prevention of injuries, fast progress and time saving

General VO2  Pnoe test > 100 eur 

Fat max test > 100 eur

Determination od training zones > 90 eur 

Basal metabolic rate test > 70 eur 

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