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Below you can find all the information you need on how we work, what we measure and how you can help achieve your goals.


A complete conditioning programme consisting of a fitness test (ventilation vo2 test)   to learn more than 20 parameters of your body. After the test, we design a programme according to your requirements and activity. 

 Basic Vo2 Pnoe Test is a test performed during activity according to a specific test protocol. The test is performed in the gym or on the field where you are doing the activity and tells you all the ventilation, cardiac and metabolic parameters.

Basal Metabolic Rate test is a test performed at rest, at home or in the gym. The test gives you a comprehensive picture of your body during rest, how you burn calories, if you burn more fats or carbs and what to improve to burn more kcal an be more efficient. 

Basic Vo2 Pnoe test + 1 month training programme >100 eur

Basal Metabolic Rate Test + 1 month training programme  > 70 eur 


What we measure in one test:

Knowing how many calories you consume is the number one factor in losing weight and gaining muscle mass.

With the Pnoe test we can find out how to improve your calorie-burning capacity.


Knowing how many calories you need during your activity can help you both plan your diet and monitor your progress and fitness. To do this, after the rest test, we perform an activity test.


Are you using too much fats as fuel or too many carbohydrates in your weight loss workouts and in your diet ?
Determining which fuel in more efficient for you and for your activity to achieve your goals is very important!

Poor oxygen ventilation can be a major limiting factor in achieving your goals, and the Pnoe test allows us to average all ventilation parameters during pre- and post-exercise.

Is the intensity you are exercising at the right level for you and your goals? 

By monitoring additional heart rate parameters, we can find out and consequently prescribe the right load for you and your goals.


The Initial Pnoe Breathing test can be made at any locations or fitness center in North Italy ( Friuli Venezia Giulia an Veneto regions) or at our location.  


After the initial test we create a personalised training program based on your test results.


Every training plan requires a progress check, and the final foot test is designed to do just that. You can have it for half the price of the initial one !


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